A variety of new fragrance and flavour with the touch of luxury and glamours

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Our founder, Mr Mulijono Tedjo together with his strong, competence, and determined team, also with full support from General Aromatics, France, from the beginning until now is to maintain our position in the market of fragrance industry . With all our hard work, and support from GA and all our customers made us believe that this opportunity will be fruitful for all of us. We have been GA agent for the last thirty years, and still after the acquisition by Payan Bertrand in 2006.

Payan Bertrand – General Aromatics has faith in CV. GARINDO for 25 years of success and to continue as GA sole agent in Indonesia. Today, GA is a well known brand name in the market place for fragrances, essential oils, natural products, and extracts. Our customers spreading from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi . GA is a true partnership to build and grow together for our better future. We are here to support all lovers of fragrances, Industrial, Home Industry , Spa, Perfume Outlet and many more. We will be your partner today, future and beyond.

Our Products

Thanks to its application laboratory, Payan Bertrand. GA only submits tested and evaluated compounds (heat, UV, etc.) in each referenced base to bring you an optimal result.

Petite noir, Blue homme, Egoiste, Premiere, Final fantasy, Dowtown, Emotion, Azzura, Legend, Graffiti, Rhythm, Desired, Nuite, Bloomy, Plutonium, D’aromes, Panthere, Home, Ma’belle, Dolce, Estremo, Addiction, Embleme, Boss day, Desperado, Alienz, Aurora, Waterloo, Blue hawaii, Clementine, Belle, Beloved, Blue Moon, Bond, Bossily, Carol, Cha Cha, Infatuation, Jolly, Kiss A, Manly, Paris, Please, Rabane, Safia, Sexy Cherry, Signoria, Summer Time, Sportif, Stardust, True Blue, Victores, Vigor, Sex and the City, More to come ….


Products Division

All our fragrances are created in accordance with the bases they are intended to perfume:

Fine fragrances, Cosmetics, Hygiene and soaps, Air care, Industrial products, Perfume Compound, Natural Product, Essential Oil

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New Trends

New trends of fragrance in Europe such as Smoothies, For Professional Hair Care, For Mature Skin including 100% natural ingredients fragrance , For BB-Cream, Essential Oil (minyak Atsiri), Natural Ingredient/product for Aromatherapy, Commercial Grades, Water Soluble with food grade, natural ingredients for tobacco enhancer.

A variety of new fragrance and flavour

with the touch of luxury and glamours


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